Many organizations use wireless security systems to provide 24/7 protection like GSM technology – which is just like using a cellular phone. Current security systems use a regular telephone line to transmit a signal to ProTELEC’s Central Station. Technologies such as AES Radio and Cellular are two options that provide a higher level of security because they cannot be interrupted via a line cut like telephone and internet. A cellular transmitter is installed on your property to replace your landline completely, separate from your cell phone.


Naturally, you want a communication link that resists physical attacks so an intruder can’t simply slash the phone line and leave your system cut off from the alarm company. AES Radio and Cellular Communicators are highly reliable, even during bad weather or power outages. You don’t have to worry about losing your security monitoring due to cut lines or other outages. ProTELEC can assure that your alarm system will have the needed communication link when there’s an emergency so that help can be dispatched quickly.


In case a power outage takes place, your security system works on a backup battery for a short period of time. Switching to a security system that does not require a landline helps you save money in the long run. Disconnecting your landline means no more monthly phone bills.

Talk to us to find out which option is right for you:

·      Internet – We can connect to your existing internet.

·      Radio or Cellular – For added security, radio or cellular is the way to go.

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