Individual posing as a ProTELEC employee - imposter

It has been reported to us that individuals are presenting themselves to people’s homes as ProTELEC employees who are not ProTELEC employees. The representatives claim to represent ProTELEC and tell customers that they have a system upgrade to install at their residence. The customers are then asked to sign a new “upgraded contract” for the upgraded system. This is not an upgraded contract; it is a new contract with the provider who is posing to be from ProTELEC.

ProTELEC would like to advise all customers of the following:

  1. ProTELEC will never show up to your residence without prior notice.
  2. ProTELEC will never ask to enter your home unless you have initiated a request for a specific service.
  3. ProTELEC will never show up to your residence with a system upgrade installation without prior knowledge and communication.
  4. All ProTELEC employees will arrive in a ProTELEC-branded vehicle and only after informing the homeowner of the visit.


Identifying An Imposter

Instances where unannounced individuals arrive at your residence claiming to be from ProTELEC, you should:

  1. Ask the individual to show the appropriate picture identification to identify
  2. If someone claiming to represent ProTELEC or anybody is requesting to get inside your home, call our Customer Care Department at 1-877-949-1417 to confirm if a crew was dispatched to your premises.
  3. As a general rule, exercise due caution before letting anyone into your premises, even when individuals present themselves as representatives of ProTELEC or any other service provider. Confirm whether a service request was made by anyone at your location.
  4. Check Identification Cards thoroughly. Ask the individual to wait while you verify with the office they’re purporting to represent. Call and double check whether a work crew is supposed to be at your address.

ProTELEC seeks the cooperation of all of its customers in ensuring that anyone seeking access to their premises on ProTELEC’s behalf is properly vetted. Please share this article to pass on how to identify an imposter.


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