Did you know that your Fire System Inspections should be completed once a year? Some establishments require monthly smoke alarm inspection or audible fire alarm tests.

There are many ways fire system inspections can be missed or forgotten. With recent changes to occupancy rules, and operational adjustments for many properties, now is an excellent time to review your inspection and servicing schedule.

How can you tell if your property needs a fire system inspection?

Here are a few ways to determine if it has been too long since your last fire safety check:

  • Check life safety equipment labels
    Attached to your safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, there should be inspection tags. At the bottom of each label there will be a date indicating when the next inspection is due.
  • Check for burnt-out exit signs
    Illuminated exit signs are required to be operating at all times. A burnt-out bulb may indicate that an inspection has not happened recently, and your property may not meet building code requirements.
  • Check for emergency lighting issues
    Emergency lighting is required in condominiums and apartment buildings. These lights are only intended to guide people safely to nearby exits. If the power goes out, emergency lighting systems must be operational for at least half an hour.

Maintenance and onsite caretakers can help determine the status of your property fire safety system. They can quickly identify if there are any issues with emergency lighting systems or fire alarm panels. A good property management and safety practice is to perform regular tests of all safety systems. A monthly test of emergency lighting will make it easier to catch burnt-out lights and issues ahead of your next inspection. The fire alarm panel should be checked daily for any trouble lights or abnormalities.

What should you do if your property is overdue for a Fire System inspection or system issues have been identified?

Call us! The ProTELEC Fire System Inspection division can help. Our technicians are CFAA and CTAM certified to provide onsite inspections and service for:

  • Fire alarms
  • Emergency lighting
  • Portable extinguishers
  • Fire suppression systems

Contact us for a free quote and to schedule an appointment.