Did you know that your Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting Inspections should be completed once a year? Some establishments even require monthly smoke alarm inspection or audible fire alarm tests. Do you know how often your property should have a fire alarm inspection?

As a “one-stop-shop” for all of your property security needs, the ProTELEC Fire System Inspection division can help. Our technicians are CFAA and CTAM certified to provide onsite inspections of your establishment, performed with the attentive and professional service for which ProTELEC is known. If you are uncertain about the required frequency of inspections for your property, our team can help determine the correct schedule.

The ProTELEC Fire System Inspection division is led by Shaun Anderson. He has worked in the fire alarm industry for 21 years and is certified to work on all makes and models of fire alarm equipment. Shaun has extensive experience backed by professional certifications in the inspection and servicing of emergency lighting, portable extinguishers, kitchen suppression, fire alarm and fire suppression systems. He takes pride in treating his customers like family while providing the technical skill and knowledgeable support their fire detection and alarm systems require.

Our Fire System Inspection services are complimented by our fire monitoring service, with highly-trained 24/7 live emergency response specialists keeping an eye on your smoke and fire alarms. We work closely with trusted local installers to ensure that any newly installed or upgraded components are in good working order and ready to protect your property, assets and personnel.

Contact us now for a free quote and to book a monthly or annual fire inspection for your property.