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Ever asked yourself why one alarm company is charging you $$ while the other is giving the same alarm system for free with a new contract?

There are three components to owning an alarm:

  1. Hardware
  2. Installation
  3. Monthly monitoring fees


It’s through these components that an alarm service provider can make a profit. It’s the monthly monitoring fee that finances the cost of installation, labour and hardware.

Let’s start from the beginning, back in the 80’s, and 90’s customers had to pay for installation and hardware upfront, this then allowed customers to enjoy lower monitoring fee paid. This formula changed in the past two decades, ‘packages’ were now offered at an attractive upfront pricing. Nevertheless, monthly fees would increase proportionately to cover the lower upfront price. Nothing is free if you’re paying for it one way or another!

Companies need to cover the cost of those three components somehow, so just because the initial cost is low does not mean it’s a better offer. Do your research!

Google is a great tool to research the company you are considering before you commit to a term with them. Many door-to-door sales representatives do a good job of convincing you that you are getting the best deal with the best provider. However, when you do your research, you find the loopholes that you might have missed. Be a smart consumer and get all the facts and make the choice that suits your budget and lifestyle. Another resource would be CANASA (Canadian Security Association) visit for tips on choosing an alarm provider and BBB ratings and google reviews will confirm the choice.

Insider tip! Never make a snap decision resulting due to pressure from a sales representative or a provider.

Some providers can reduce cost by having out of area monitoring station and thus offer you a lower price. However, out of area monitoring stations might not know or follow proper police dispatch procedures. So, is it a better deal if you’re not guaranteed the appropriate action in the event of an alarm?


Here at ProTELEC, we will make sure you fully understand what you are paying for by explaining the options and giving you a written quote. Our Emergency Monitoring Centre operates around the clock and both our operators, and our facility, have met or exceeded the highest level of certification available in the industry. At ProTELEC we believe that transparency and integrity go hand in hand.

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