ProTELEC’s Safety Services

  • Panic and Alert notifications: Alarm systems for businesses offer a range of panic and alert monitoring and response options, from discrete workstation buttons to our CheckMate Work Safe eAlert computer desktop emergency alerts.
  • Employee Security and SafetyProTELEC CheckMate provides lone worker safety monitoring solutions, including the Safe Alone lone worker check-in app and GPS tracking technology to assist in monitoring workers in remote locations.  Our EBT (Elevated Body Temperature) Sensor helps to screen employees and visitors to your location for signs of fever, helping to prevent infectious disease outbreaks on site.
  • Management Tools & Reporting: All ProTELEC clients have access to our commercial client portal. Through the online interface you can manage your devices and check the status of your alarm systems and services. Generate reports, remotely monitor your business activity and ensure that your alarm security systems are being put to good use.
  • System Inspections and Security AuditsWhen was the last time your alarm and security systems were inspected and updated? Not sure which surveillance camera systems, access control cards or security monitoring services might be best for your business or institution? ProTELEC provides comprehensive inspections and expert preventative security recommendations ahead of every installation.

ProTELEC has a wide range of services to suit your needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help protect your business.