We cover a wide range of institutions.

ProTELEC provides a variety of integrated safety solutions and services to various institutions such as educational campuses, residential facilities and prisons. Some of our clients include the Winnipeg School Division, Manitoba Community Safety Division, and Winnipeg Remand Centre.

We have installed all our products in these different institutions, including intrusion systems, intercoms, card access, and CCTV systems.


We’re here to protect your staff and patients.

ProTELEC has years of experience providing trusted, integrated safety solutions to health care facilities.

We’ve done work with larger medical facilities, including Misericordia Health Clinic and St. Boniface Hospital, as well as smaller locations like Lake of the Woods Hospital.

The most common health care facility products we supply are CCTV and card access solutions, and nurse call stations.


We offer experience and expertise in a growing industry.

ProTELEC provides security products and services to several producers and facilities in the cannabis industry. Licensed producers, micro-cultivations, extraction facilities, and retail stores all have unique security needs requiring a high-standard of integrated property protection solutions.

ProTELEC continues to meet and exceed all Health Canada requirements in providing security and safety to cannabis producers and facilities. We now protect 30 retail stores and 4 licensed producers, and our list of clients continues to grow alongside the growth of the cannabis industry.


Cutting-edge security technology customized to your industrial property needs.

ProTELEC offers complex security systems to protect and ensure the safety of your industrial facility. We will develop an integrated security system and action plan to meet the requirements of any building.

Our guiding philosophy is to detect, intervene and prevent crime whenever possible. A customized and comprehensive surveillance security system designed to protect your property may include intrusion alarms, door access controls, and monitored video. We are always adapting and growing as technology advances.

Through our 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Centre, we are constantly protecting your property and ensuring that your systems are working properly.


We’re here to protect your assets.

Small businesses require proven, integrated security approaches that meet the tight budget of the small business owner. ProTELEC has a long history of developing cost-effective security action plans. We provide comprehensive inspections and recommendations before we start the installation process. We are here to secure your assets and to keep your business and employees safe. 

Examples of the protection we offer for small businesses include cash area protection, false alarm protection, guard service, video verification, and the ability to control door access via web-based solutions so you can manage your business remotely.


Our 30 years of experience shows that we have the knowledge and expertise to provide integrated solutions in any of these industries.

Contact us to learn more about how we can serve your business or organization.