The issue of safety is one that affects every city in Canada, and Winnipeg has long been known to have high crime throughout its communities.

If you are a Property Manager, you know that community safety can be a big factor in how a rental property is perceived by potential renters. To ensure your property’s ability to attract and retain tenants, it must be well-protected. When residents can feel safe at home and in their immediate neighbourhood, they are more likely to stay.

A 2017 Winnipeg Police Service General Survey showed that 84% of Winnipeggers would feel unsafe walking downtown alone at night. An updated 2019 survey showed that perceptions of community safety had worsened, with 88% of Winnipeggers feeling unsafe when walking downtown alone at night, including 95% of women. Between 2015 and 2018, the crime rate in Winnipeg increased by 46% whereas all other major cities in Canada, except for Calgary, experienced increases of 29% or less.

So what can Property Managers in Winnipeg do to improve the security of their buildings and the general safety of their tenants?

  • You should provide clearly posted contact information for property management and security services, so that renters can easily know who to call in the case of an onsite incident.
  • Installing security camera systems allows you to monitor entry points, hallways and common spaces
  • Implementing intercoms and audio-feedback for all monitored cameras, enables security staff to directly contact potential intruders and vandals as soon as they are detected
  • When you invest in upgrades to door access control systems, you provide an immediate upgrade to property and tenant safety.

You know how much work maintaining and managing a property can be. An investment in robust security tools will help keep your time and energy focused on other important tasks.

The added-value of comprehensive property security measures provides peace-of-mind to residents and staff. This enables property managers to reduce security-related costs over the long-term.

Depending on your property and location, a customized combination of security policies and technologies will make your rental property more desirable to potential tenants. Taking these security measures also demonstrates to current residents that you care about ensuring your property is a safe place, making it an ideal location suitable to their needs.

ProTELEC is experienced in providing security services and tools to rental properties in Winnipeg. We understand some of the unique challenges faced by property owners and managers here. To learn more about our expert solutions and for a free consultation, contact us!