To aid in preventing the expensive and dangerous consequences of undetected infrastructure failures, ProTELEC provides sensors and monitoring for many environmental factors:

  • Water flow
  • High/low temperature and humidity
  • Carbon monoxide and other gases
  • AC power failure
  • Water leakage

Water Flow Monitoring

With a water flow sensor installed & monitored by ProTELEC, you can protect your building and business operations from the damage an unattended water pipe break or leak can cause.


Why Use Water Flow Monitoring?

Water can be very destructive whether it seeps from a loose fitting or gushes from a broken main. A copper pipe that feeds a faucet in your building could suddenly rupture. Freezing winter conditions will often cause water main ruptures, and if the event occurs on a weekend the pooling water will cause extensive damage not only to the floor area where the leak occurred, but also to any areas below into which water can seep. The clean-up costs and the business interruption costs could be massive.

Low-Cost Measurement from Outside the Pipe

An ultrasonic permanent/fixed clamp-on flow metering device can alert you to water pipe issues before they cause costly damage to your property: The consequences of an undetected water main leak or rupture are substantial:

  • Clean-up and repair costs
  • Lost time and productivity, temporary closure
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Onsite management and repair coordination

With ProTELEC’s Water Flow Monitoring System a water flow sensor is installed in your building at the main source to monitor water flow after business hours when the Security System is on. The sensor trigger point is calibrated based on a minimum after-hours flow setting, which when reached, sends an alarm to our Monitoring Centre for immediate response.

ProTELEC water flow monitoring solutions are suitable for:

  • Commercial properties
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Food production
  • Energy Management

Monitor flow and detect any emergencies for pipes carrying:

  • Potable Water
  • Chilled Water
  • Hot Water < 85°C
  • Demineralized Water
  • Chilled Water w/ Glycol

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