Property managers can not be everywhere at once. Many are short-staffed, making it more difficult to monitor the security of their properties. Vacant buildings and rental units are at risk of damage from plumbing issues, trespassers, and weather events. These security and structural challenges benefit from a proactive approach to protection. There are some simple and affordable high-tech solutions to address issues specific to vacant residential and commercial spaces.

The deep freeze of Canadian winters can be counted on to return every year. During the cold winter season, how do you ensure that pipes aren’t freezing?

Keeping the building heat set to a safe temperature to prevent freezing pipes is an excellent way to protect vacant properties. But if a furnace stops working, how will you know? Rental residential units are especially vulnerable to damage from broken plumbing in winter. Commercial spaces like empty storefronts, restaurants, and office buildings are also vulnerable to frozen pipes. An affordable and flexible solution to interior temperature monitoring is to use a Low Temperature Monitoring system (LTMS). If the temperature in a vacant property drops, the LTMS sends an alarm to our Emergency Monitoring Centre. Monitoring technicians will notify property managers and their key staff of the emergency. No phone line or internet is required, all that is needed is a power outlet.

LTMS are cost-efficient standalone units and are temporarily deployed to monitor vacant commercial and residential properties. Portability and easy installation makes it an ideal interior temperature monitoring tool. Combined with our water flow monitoring system, plumbing can be monitored and water usage can be optimized. Leaks of any size can be detected before major damage is caused, saving property owners time and money.

Commercial property vacancies continue to remain high across North America. These empty commercial spaces are frequently the target of burglaries and vandalism. Even minor break-ins can be very expensive.

Many properties use surveillance cameras to record what occurs at a building. Too often the video is only viewed after damage has already occurred. Criminals frequently cut phone lines, preventing alarm signals from reaching security service providers. Onsite security personnel can be an inefficient and costly option for many property owners. A lack of real-time monitoring of the condition and security of a vacant property can leave it vulnerable to a costly incident.

Property crime is preventable, and monitored video surveillance is a an excellent proactive security option for vacant properties. Our monitored video services include the ability to use voice commands to deter would-be criminals trespassing on private property.

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