Are calls to your business being answered after-hours? Is the right information getting to the right people on time?

Since launching our After-Hours Call Centre services last year, we’ve seen firsthand how much it can improve an organization’s customer service outcomes. Many of our clients have come to us after years of failed after-hours call solutions. Long hold-times and missed messages can damage the bottom-line and reputation of a business over time.

Luckily our customers have discovered what sets our service apart. Want to know our secret to after-hours call answering success? Keep reading for real-world examples of how our we’ve helped solve some common customer service issues for our clients.

Streamlining internal IT services

Many larger companies have staff working from many different time zones. An international client required a solution to connect employees with the company’s internal IT department, at all hours. It was important that their staff have quick, reliable access to tech support and that managers could keep an eye on the results of those calls.

Backed by our comprehensive reporting tools, our guarantee of all calls answered within 2 rings and no hold-times we have been able to meet their needs. Our customized After-Hours Call Centre service is branded to fit seamlessly within their company operations. Now their staff can reach their IT department from anywhere in the world at any time, and administrators can easily track the outcome of every call.

Expediting help when clients need it most

For locally-owned and operated service providers, every missed call is lost business. Plumbers, electricians, and emergency restoration companies often find that after-hours customer service centres are too expensive and can’t deliver the caliber of service needed. Hiring night-shift staff can be costly and often leaves opportunities for missed calls and messages.

With all calls answered quickly and reliably, our service is the perfect solution for service providers. To help ensure that no opportunity is missed, we work with clients to create custom response protocols. For example, a midnight call to a service provider from a potential customer will trigger a service request to all on-call staff, by text, phone or email. If this notification from ProTELEC’s After-Hours Call Centre service goes unanswered, follow-up steps are taken by our trained operators.

Our key features set us apart and set you up for success!

24/7 coverage with guaranteed response times:

  • Guaranteed phone answering within two rings
  • Guaranteed no on-hold time
  • Trained operators on call 24/7
  • Service requests by phone or email

Secure, seamless integration:

  • Dedicated toll free phone number & company branding
  • Customized notification and response protocols
  • Comprehensive reporting, including service usage, call volume data and call details

Our After-Hours Call Centre services are affordable and effective, and we’ve seen immediate positive results for our clients. To learn more, contact us today!