Surveillance camera systems have improved while also becoming more affordable in recent years. New technology embedded in the cameras delivers clearer images and better nighttime sensitivity. Many businesses have seen the benefits of recording activity on and around their properties.

However, if no one is watching the cameras live, these same properties are actually unprotected for long periods of time.

Crimes aren’t discovered until much later, when the video footage recordings are reviewed, if they get reviewed at all. Often, an intruder can not be identified, and the video recordings aren’t of much use. What if a business security system could prevent burglary or vandalism from happening in the first place?


There are many benefits of shifting from reactionary monitoring to a preventative security approach.

A reactive security system only detects criminal activity as it happens, through the triggering of an alarm after a break-in has occurs. Damage to a property has likely already happened, and there may be further losses in the time it takes for the alarm to be handled by whoever is on-call.
A proactive security system includes live video, audio and alarm monitoring. An approaching trespasser to the property triggers an alarm, alerting emergency monitoring operators. Using two-way audio, operators are able to speak to potential intruders, deterring them from taking any further actions.

Business security cameras and network video recorders (NVRs) serve many purposes well, but they can not prevent costly break-ins or vandalism. Monitored camera systems are the most effective in preventing crime by reducing the risk of property damage and theft.


By using preventative security solutions backed by our highly-trained 24/7 emergency monitoring operators, we are able to save business owners and property managers time and money.

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