You’re in Control

Our integrated access control systems provide you with the tools to manage who has access to any area of your business at any time. Keypad door locks, electronic deadbolts and access cards are just some of the available options when designing the best alarm and security system for your property. 

Need different levels of access throughout your property? Access control can be integrated with elevator controls and zoned alarms, providing an added level of protection for specific areas within your building. Set automatic schedules, commands and triggers to suit the operational needs of your business. With card readers at every entry and exit, you will know who is onsite, and administrators or staff can be authorized to manage the access control settings and accounts on an as-needed or continual basis.

ProTELEC provides three primary types of Access Control:

Discretionary Access Control: For business owners and property managers who want to be responsible for determining who has access, and also need the flexibility to generally manage their own security level settings.

Mandatory Access Control: Utilized by organizations that work with sensitive records or classified information, a mandatory access control system will classify all end users with the appropriate labels for their authorized levels of access. This approach is especially effective for any business or property needing to restrict access to various zones or areas of the property.

Role-based Access Control: The most robust and popular choice in access control, role-based access control operates under the supervision of a system administrator who assigns access based on the end-user’s role and job responsibilities. For example, rather than assigning access to a specific individual working as a security specialist, the appropriate access is assigned to the security specialist role. This enables a system administrator to manage access controls across groups within an organization, rather than having to address the access settings of individuals.

Access control is an important aspect of your property alarm and security systems, and should be integrated with CCTV video surveillance and intrusion detection and prevention systems. ProTELEC has extensive experience developing these systems and will work with you to find the best commercial alarm system and access control options that will work within your budget while providing the most logical ease of use.

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