Controlling who has access to specific areas of your organization is easily achievable with integrated door access solutions. Providing the ability to control who can enter any area of a property or business at any time, your administrators and staff can be authorized to manage security access settings on an as-needed or continual basis.


Benefits of Implementing Access Control Technology:

  • With an access control system in place, it becomes possible to keep a record of who is arriving or leaving the premises at all times, even when management or other staff are not onsite
  • Know when your employees arrive to work to simplify tracking of their hours on the job
  • Provide an added level of health protection for employees and visitors, by connecting door access controls to the CheckMate Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Sensor, which aids in screening for fever which can be a common indication of illness and possible coronavirus infection
  • Protect the security of your data, documents, and business assets with the ability to control levels of access to different areas within the property
  • Access control at all points of entry, including gates, fences, and doors is part of a comprehensive perimeter protection plan
  • ProTELEC provides optional monitoring services, with Emergency Monitoring Centre technicians able to watch for access errors and anomalies, detecting and responding to unauthorized access at the time of a breach
  • Access can be granted using key cards, key fobs and even biometrics


Reduce Your Expenses and Manage Employee Productivity

Door access control is one of the easiest ways to ensure the safety of your staff and to monitor the movement and activities of your employees. It can save you money and enable a better understanding of the productivity of your business.


Simple vs Detailed Access Control:

Access control systems can be configured with custom settings and solutions for every entry point. Whether facilitating basic entry at a single door, or coordinating zones of security throughout your property, there are access control system options for every industry.


ProTELEC provides three primary types of Access Control:

Discretionary Access Control

For business owners and property managers who want to be responsible for determining who has access, and also need the flexibility to generally manage their own security level settings.

Mandatory Access Control

Utilized by organizations that work with sensitive records or classified information, a mandatory access control  system will classify all end users with the appropriate labels for their authorized levels of access. This approach is especially effective for any business or property needing to restrict access to various zones or areas of the property.

Role-based Access Control

The most robust and popular choice in access control, role-based access control operates under the supervision of a system administrator who assigns access based on the end-user’s role and job responsibilities. For example, rather than assigning access to a specific individual working as a security specialist, the appropriate access is assigned to the security specialist role. This enables a system administrator to manage access controls across groups within an organization, rather than having to address the access settings of individuals.


With the added benefit of tailored solutions from ProTELEC paired with emergency monitoring services, access control can be established to benefit the safety and bottom-line of any company or property.


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