Emergency Monitoring and Response

Personal Security Detail at Your Fingertips With ProTELEC’s Accredited Emergency Monitoring Centre


Our Emergency Monitoring Centre is TMA Five Diamond certified and ULC-listed. These accreditations distinguish our Monitoring Centre from the competition and demonstrate that we are committed to consistent service while continuing to raise industry standards.

In order to become TMA certified, a security provider must meet all five of these strict requirements:

  1. Commitment to random inspections and quality criteria standards
  2. Commitment to the highest customer service levels
  3. Commitment to ongoing job-related education and testing
  4. Commitment to raising industry standards
  5. Commitment to lowering the incidence of false dispatches

Earning TMA certification and meeting these requirements verifies that ProTELEC’s Emergency Monitoring Centre is qualified and well-equipped to protect and monitor your organization’s assets and your employees.

ULC is a third-party company that sets industry standards. By performing random inspections of our Monitoring Centre, ULC ensures that we’re meeting industry standards for safety and security. Our Emergency Monitoring Centre is reputable and committed to the protection and security of your business and employees.

Providing alarm and security system monitoring services for businesses enables us to deliver highly effective property and personnel protection. We utilize preventative techniques alongside more conventional security tools such as video surveillance camera systems, intruder alarms, thermal video cameras, and access controls.

We guarantee alarm monitoring service and response by live-operators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will always get a live person and never an automated phone call. Our staff is a dedicated and well-trained team that is always happy to help.

Contact us today to discuss our services and we will find the best fit for your unique needs.