Repeated break-ins and thefts can quickly become a very expensive problem. Broken windows, doors, roofs and acts of vandalism need to be repaired if there has been property damage. Business assets and stolen goods need to be replaced. In addition, insurance premiums will increase with every incident.

Many properties are at-risk of repeated break-ins, burglaries and vandalism. Schools, manufacturing plants, office buildings and warehouses are vulnerable to property crimes because these are often large properties with multiple approaches and points of entry. Vacant property security is an important consideration whether the location is closed for long periods of time or just overnight.

Detection and intervention can prevent costly property crime before it happens

Detection and intervention can prevent costly property crime before it happens

Detection + Intervention = Prevention and Money Saved

A good crime deterrence strategy uses a property protection system with up to three zones of monitored surveillance. A zoned security setup means criminals can be detected and deterred before a property crime occurs.

  • ZONE 1 – External Boundary Protection for fences and property lines

  • ZONE 2 – Perimeter Protection for parking lots, fields, and paths

  • ZONE 3 – Entry Point Protection for doors, windows and roofs throughout the property. These are usually existing modes of property protection such as locks and intrusion alarms.

There are many combinations of security products available to address property protection. These include alarm systems for intrusion detection, surveillance video cameras, and door access controls. Posting clear warnings on signs and decals is also an effective crime deterrent. Include monitored security video in your property security strategy to make active crime prevention possible.

The ProTELEC approach to preventative property protection follows a simple 3-step plan:

  • Detect: Camera surveillance and alarms monitored by our Central Monitoring Station detect an intruder at external boundaries and perimeter zones.

  • Intervene: Using 2-way audio, commands are issued instructing the intruder to leave the property and warning that law enforcement has been contacted.

  • Prevent: Detection and Intervention coupled with warning signs and camera surveillance can stop potential incidents from happening.

Preventing burglary and property damage before it happens results in a positive return on your investment and provides long-term cost savings. Reduced clean-up expenses, no need to replace stolen goods, and reduced guard service call-outs means funds can be put to better use by your organization.

Start saving money by preventing property crime before it happens, contact ProTELEC to learn more about implementing a zoned security approach for your property.