Broken windows, doors and roofs. Vandalism and graffiti. Computers, merchandise, supplies and even files stolen. Lost operational hours and productivity as staff are forced to clean-up the mess while dealing with the emotional toll of property crime.

The total cost of a break-in seems impossible to calculate, but the drain on budgets and resources is very real to schools, businesses and commercial properties.

Property crime prevention is possible, and a long-term solution can quickly provide a positive return on investment. Using multiple zones of monitored surveillance security also yields immediate cost savings with a reduction in expenses for property crime clean-up.

How much money could using a zoned perimeter protection system save you? Let’s look at some basic numbers.

For any size business, non-profit, government facility or school, even one break-in can be damaging to the bottom-line. With each repeated break-in, the cost over time becomes an even bigger financial burden. To further complicate things, insurance premiums will increase. Can your organization afford a break-in?

By comparison, the initial investment in installation and ongoing monitoring services for a zoned perimeter protection system can quickly be offset by the savings to your organization.

Along with providing property crime prevention and the associated cost savings, a zoned and monitored perimeter surveillance system can provide greater peace of mind as you know that funds and energy can be put toward more productive goals.

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