ProTELEC delivers exceptional commercial security services to businesses and facilities across Canada. We provide trusted security solutions to a wide range of commercial and institutional properties. ProTELEC is the safety and security provider of choice for municipal agencies, production facilities, and retail businesses of every size.

We’re a property-manager’s best friend.

Regardless of the type of building, property management requires expertise and flexibility. ProTELEC delivers customized, integrated security solutions designed to make the work of property managers easier. We provide the tools to easily monitor building access, environmental alarms and sensors, and tenant safety. Our 24/7 emergency monitoring centre provides a reliable method of alarm monitoring, triage, and notification. ProTELEC customizes alarm response protocols and notifies building managers or on-call maintenance staff when an emergency is detected.

Need to efficiently receive tenant phone calls, already triaged so that maintenance emergencies can be addressed quickly? ProTELEC’s call answering service provides a cost-effective notification process with zero hold times. Our call centre services include custom branding so that your tenants have a seamless positive experience.

Looking for a one-stop solution for your fire system inspections, servicing, and monitoring? ProTELEC’s Monitoring Centre is ULC certified for fire monitoring and we partner with experts to ensure that you receive timely service and annual inspections are done on time.

Worried about frozen pipes or water leaks in vacant commercial properties? ProTELEC provides monitored temperature and leak sensors with easily accessible reports and alarm data via an intuitive app or secure web-based dashboard.

Cutting-edge security technology customized to your industrial property needs.

Industrial properties have unique security challenges due to their size and access concerns. ProTELEC is an expert in security solutions for shipping yards, manufacturing facilities and supply depots. Protecting industrial properties requires an emphasis on perimeter security measures.

ProTELEC specializes in monitored video surveillance systems with two-way communication. This technology allows our security monitoring operators to deliver live-deterrence measures 24/7. Our industrial clients depend on flexible access control systems and reliable intrusion alarm detection. Including environmental sensors and isolated worker monitoring helps to protect personnel and equipment.

We’re here to protect your retail business assets, big or small.

ProTELEC develops cost-effective security action plans for businesses of every size. Our focus is on protecting valuable business assets and keeping customers and employees safe. Using cutting-edge commercial security solutions, we deliver the flexibility that today’s retail business operations need. ProTELEC provides business security systems for liquor retail and grocery store chains, large multi-unit commercial properties and small-business boutiques.

We understand the unique needs of retail businesses.

Stores need to open on-time and not close early. ProTELEC monitors for open and close activity at retail locations, and sends notifications to key management if there is any unscheduled activity.

There are times when only one employee may be on the premises. The risks of working alone range from medical emergencies and workplace accidents, to dangerous encounters with the general public. Our CheckMate Working Alone system monitors lone and isolated workers to ensure their safety.

Is your business susceptible to grab-and-runs, hold-ups or threats of physical violence to staff? Our video door access control systems help to reduce these risks. Using a video intercom system, everyone entering a store can be required to show their ID and be screened before entry. A video door control system also enables easy capture of an image for future reference, should an event occur after letting someone in.

Do you sell perishable products? ProTELEC can monitor all types of freezers and refrigerators to ensure proper temperatures. If the temperatures start to get too warm, we will notify you.

We deliver the same exceptional level of commercial security across all types of retail operations. Whether your organization only needs a simple business security camera system and water leak detection, or you are looking for a comprehensive solution with an integrated door access control system, ProTELEC is your one-stop commercial security partner.

Small business owners need proven commercial security systems that meet tight budgets.
We pay close attention to the unique needs of small business properties. This level of personalized service enables us to deliver efficient commercial security solutions. Before we start the security system installation process, we work with business owners to find the most cost-effective options. Our technicians provide comprehensive security system inspections and ongoing maintenance, giving small business owners one less thing to worry about. Our retail security solutions include cash area protection, security guard service dispatch, and lone worker monitoring. Business owners are in charge with the ability to remotely control locks and other security features through a secure web-based interface.

We offer experience and expertise in the growing cannabis industry.

Cannabis producers, micro-cultivations, extraction facilities, and retail stores have unique security requirements. These commercial security clients demand the highest standard of equipment and service.

ProTELEC provides security services to licensed cannabis production facilities and retail outlets across Canada. We continue to meet and exceed all Health Canada requirements. Our emphasis on preventative security strategies and monitored employee safety has made us a trusted partner in the cannabis industry. We now protect hundreds of retail cannabis stores and several licensed producers. Our list of clients continues to grow alongside the cannabis industry in Canada.

Comprehensive institutional security, across campuses and departments.

Institutional properties often require an integrated, preventative security solution. ProTELEC provides intrusion alarms, fire detection, intercom systems, card access control, and CCTV systems designed to deliver rings of comprehensive protection. Our preventative approach makes us an ideal partner for protecting schools and institutions. We understand how different zones of a campus may require tailored security solutions. Our working alone service is ideal for protecting university staff working after-hours in deserted campus buildings.


We’re here to protect your healthcare staff and medical patients.

ProTELEC is an expert in providing trusted, integrated safety solutions for healthcare facilities. The most common healthcare security solutions are CCTV systems, card access and nurse call stations. We work with large and small medical facilities across Manitoba and N.W. Ontario.

Secure your construction site equipment and materials, 24/7 365 days a year.

Theft from construction sites is always a concern and most standard security solutions barely slow thieves down. ProTELEC specializes in preventative site security. We deploy cutting-edge deterrence technology to protect construction sites. Perimeter alarm monitoring and monitored video surveillance with two-way communication enables our monitoring staff to detect and respond to security threats as they emerge. These simple preventative measures can make a difference by keeping theft or vandalism from happening in the first place.