Trucking yard management for shipping and transport companies comes with many security concerns and challenges.

From controlling property access, to managing the movement of assets throughout the freight yard, there are several aspects of yard security and efficiency to consider. At the end of the day, does your yard management team know which drivers exited the yard, with which trailers, and when they left the property?

Luckily, today’s commercial security technology offers flexible, customizable access control systems to meet the specific needs of every business, and a trucking drop yard is no exception.

Freight containers trucking drop yard

Access control and property security for freight trucking drop yards.


Here are some questions to consider when assessing the security needs of your trucking yard:

  • Is the entry and exit time of every driver being logged, and is additional visual or audio information being gathered? How is the entry and exit of third-party drivers handled?
  • Could your trucking yard security system be made more efficient through automation?
  • Are fences and gates being monitored by video surveillance, and are there sufficient perimeter alarms?

Successful shipping and freight forwarding companies prioritize their yard security. Without this emphasis on access control and tracking, containers can be misplaced and simple errors can quickly become larger problems. When gates are left open because a manual entry and exit process is considered too time-consuming, or when yard personnel are tasked with confirming drivers and cargo throughout the day, costly and time-consuming mistakes are inevitable. Without a detailed audit of traffic in and out of the yard, it becomes more difficult to correct issues when they arise.


Facility operators can substantially improve the efficiency and security of a trucking yard by developing specific exit protocols and using automated access control systems.

Containers and drivers can be tracked, and the access logs can include photos and/or video recordings from cameras integrated into the card access control system. Truck drivers are issued credentials, usually in the form of a card or fob access device. Automatic gate locks paired with intercoms and cameras allow for discretionary access control when needed, such as when a third-party driver arrives at the yard, or outside of typical facility operating hours.

For many businesses, adding these access control systems to entry and exit processes, along with  maintaining more detailed logs of activity, are changes that can greatly improve overall facility efficiency.

Across Canada, trucking yards operated by logistics companies and the freight hauling divisions of Canadian businesses are secured and protected through the use of high-tech integrated security solutions. Card access systems and other automated commercial security tools can be made even more efficient and effective through the addition of intercom and video monitoring. We back the latest in security tools for business with our experience as the leading alarm monitoring company in Western Canada.

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