We have seen many retail businesses successfully navigate these challenges, adapting quickly to capacity rules, new safety requirements, and a fluctuating workforce. How can business owners ensure that important security measures are not overlooked during so much change?

Are you able to easily check on the exact time your business opens or closes? Do you have a method for detecting after-hours activity? Has your CCTV system been tested recently? How do you protect your employees while they are on the job?

There are many aspects of a retail business that need effective security solutions, and many opportunities for security system audits and improvements. Neglecting these gaps in security could result in fines for not meeting health and safety requirements.

Reduced staffing impacts the ability of workers to keep an eye on all security aspects of a retail location. Additionally, many retail employees are actually categorized as working alone or in isolation, per Provincial Lone Worker Regulations. Recent operational changes leave businesses vulnerable to inventory loss, employee injury or other emergency events.

Retail business security and safety areas of concern include both property and personnel.

The first step in securing a retail location is to ensure that the perimeter is being protected and monitored. Access control at entry points and throughout key areas of the building can help business owners keep track of activity during and after business hours. Monitored CCTV adds a preventative element, allowing trained emergency monitoring operators to deter would-be criminals before a break-in occurs. For many of our clients, the 24/7 monitoring of open and close signals provides an easy method of tracking activity on a property. Complete activity reports are included for all of our monitored services. For staff safety, hold-up buttons and our Safe Alone app provide affordable and flexible solution to the problem of working alone. These extra safety measures have become even more important as many retail businesses are operating with fewer staff onsite, and there are higher-risk safety concerns associated with public-facing retail jobs.

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