Operating a business, institution, or manufacturing facility in 2020 comes with some very serious new safety recommendations and requirements. ProTELEC CheckMate offers an easy way to proactively screen employees and visitors for fever, which can be a primary symptom of influenza or coronavirus.

While elevated body temperature is a non-specific symptom, it is one of the best early-screening tools for detecting coronavirus. Early detection using a temperature scanner can significantly minimize the risk of outbreak, and is an important first step to protecting your employees, customers and business.

CHECKMATE’s EBT (Elevated Body Temperature) Sensor is a simple solution that is automated, safe, and intuitive. It can be installed at each entry point and body temperature measurement is confirmed optically and acoustically within only 0.6 seconds. 

CONTACTLESS body temperature scanning unit provides minimized risk of contact contamination

PRECISE MEASUREMENT with over 1,000 measuring points across a user’s eyes and forehead, scanning delivers body temperature measurements with +/- 0.3 degrees C accuracy

FAST & EFFICIENT SCANNING takes less than 1 second per person, from initializing the digital temperature sensor, to completing the forehead scan and confirming a positive or negative body temperature reading

CONTROL ACCESS can be integrated as the sensor interfaces with automatic controls for doors or turnstiles

NO STAFF REQUIRED to operate the temperature scanner as readings are initiated automatically, and optional monitoring by ProTELEC provides notifications regarding any staff with a detected fever.

To learn more about the ProTELEC CheckMate EBT Sensor, please visit the full information page or contact us directly to find out if the EBT Sensor is a good fit for your property.