ProTELEC is an authorized installer and service provider of products for businesses and organizations.

Delivering smart property security with alarm and video surveillance, managed through an intuitive monitoring app.

Specializing in smart security camera systems for indoor and outdoor use, carries a full-range of fixed and panning cameras, with the option to access live video or recorded clips through an app on your phone, tablet, or smart device. With ProTELEC installation, maintenance and monitoring services, cost-effective and high-tech integrated surveillance systems are possible for businesses and organizations of any size.

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As an authorized installer and service provider, ProTELEC brings the added value of 24/7 Emergency Monitoring options, additional security tools and features, and a wealth of industry knowledge to ensure that the most suitable system elements are installed, meeting the unique security needs of your property. security devices use a dedicated, tamper-resistant connection to ensure security coverage even when the power is out, or if cable and phone services are down. Users can be assigned unique codes, allowing access and alarm activations to be tracked in detail. Apps and Smart Phone Integration

The apps provide a hands-on interface, accessible through a smartphone or tablet, putting an intuitive design and all of the features and settings of your security system at your fingertips.

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ProTELEC and can also deliver solutions for access control, including smart locks and door integration. Energy management and monitoring tools can be added to an system, allowing for comprehensive control over all aspects of your business, managed from the easy-to-use app.

To learn more about our cutting-edge smart security alarm and video surveillance monitoring technology, contact ProTELEC to receive a callback within 24 hours, or call us directly at 204-949-1417 to speak with a member of our Security Consulting Team.