Every customer knows what a bad customer service experience feels like.

Delayed response times, struggling to reach the right person, incomplete information. A company’s reputation can be negatively affected by customer frustration.

From management’s point of view, providing responsive and efficient service to customers and clients on a 24/7 basis can be a challenge. The cost of staffing an all-hours help-line is rarely an option. A management team can lose track of pending items if they use a patchwork solution of voicemails, website forms, and text messages. Being unable to deliver timely services can damage a company’s reputation, client retention, and bottom-line.


ProTELEC provides custom 24/7 Call Centre Services, complete with a dedicated toll free phone number and company branding, to help you provide seamless support to customers.

Our team of highly-trained professional operators provide exceptional service, whether requests are received by phone or email, and they follow customized outbound notification protocols, tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

For small service-oriented companies such as maintenance and repairs, our Call Centre service provides an affordable after-hours solution, receiving work requests and forwarding them promptly to on-call service providers. We make the monitoring of construction sites easier by providing a dedicated phone number to be displayed on site signage, which allows for simplified trespassing and vandalism reporting, 24/7. Consistent and reliable response times from our operators can help property managers to receive and prioritize service calls no matter when a problem arises; for tenants, poor service can have even severe consequences, with minor maintenance emergencies turning into bigger problems if property managers are not able to respond immediately.

We believe in empowering our customers.

Thorough reports can help to identify possible efficiency improvements, providing insight into the value of the Call Centre service and areas of greatest need throughout a customer-base. With our comprehensive reporting options, including service usage, call volume data, and call details, we put you in charge.

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