The frequency of extreme heat events is increasing, and it is important to monitor the temperature and humidity in facilities of all kinds. Long-term care residences, production facilities, and commercial spaces can all become unsafe environments during a heat wave. Without monitoring environmental conditions, the risks to individuals onsite are substantially increased.

  • In an industrial setting, heat stress contributes to lost productivity, increased risk of mechanical accidents, and costly shutdowns.
  • For institutional settings, heat stress can cause residents and patients to suffer severe discomfort and severe illness. As we’ve seen during recent heatwaves across Canada, an extreme heat dome can cause death among vulnerable young and elderly residents.
  • Commercial and public-facing work environments can also suffer the negative effects of an extreme heat event, putting both employees and customers at risk.

These environmental risks are expected to affect every sector of the economy, with some industries and services likely to experience a substantial increase in financial and legal risk.

Determining how to remain safely operational in these conditions will be vital to the success of all organizations in a warming climate.

The two most important steps a business can take to combat heat stress within their facility are to implement a heat safety program and to monitor environmental conditions throughout their property.

Luckily, environmental monitoring technology has become more accessible, affordable, and easier to implement. Our Humidity & Temperature monitoring device is quick to install and immediately provides minute-by-minute data. View real-time temperatures and extended overviews of environmental data through an easy-to-use app. Maintaining optimal operational conditions is made easy with reliable records of all humidity and temperature events, customizable alert thresholds, and easily exported reports. The ProTELEC 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Centre provides a live, professionally-trained response to any environmental monitoring alerts, allowing for facility and residence managers to focus their time on other tasks.

As an added tool to monitor the comfort and safety of residents in a care-home, retirement community, or assisted-living facility, our CheckMate Safe Check senior monitoring solution will call individual residents at scheduled intervals. If a safety check call is missed, our 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Centre will issue an alert to residence managers, caregivers, and family.

Using high-tech environmental monitoring tools along with personal safety solutions can provide excellent protection to residents in institutional settings.

A similarly comprehensive approach in factories and on commercial properties can substantially improve the health and comfort of your employees. Contact us to learn more about our full range of environmental and safety monitoring solutions.