While many businesses stand vacant and office buildings are experiencing less activity, criminals are finding new opportunities to target small business and large commercial locations.

Preparation can save both lives and money. Before the installation of surveillance video security and alarm systems, there are several easy and cost-free steps that you can take to protect your business assets and employees.

ProTELEC is experienced in providing practical security guidance and we recommend reviewing the following tips as they apply to your business location and employees:

  • To help ensure staff safety, develop a specific action plan. Determine how to respond if a break-in does occur and provide clear steps for employees to take.
  • Monitor for suspicious vehicles, especially large trucks and vans. They may be watching the property to determine employee schedules and opportunities for entry.
  • Assess the premises for effective video surveillance and intrusion detection.
  • For those working nights, ensure that the areas around your business are well-lit and all existing security systems are functioning.

Employee safety and business security should be prioritized under even the best of circumstances. Many steps can be taken immediately at little-to-no-cost to your business.

As essential businesses continue to serve our communities, and over time more businesses are able to reopen, it is important to protect onsite staff. Having a proper plan in place and training staff to monitor the workplace for suspicious activity can help prevent crime before it happens.

For more information about employee safety and business security tools, contact ProTELEC.