A new, convenient and interactive way to receive and respond to your security system alarms and communicate with ProTELEC – via text messaging on your phone. With ProTELEC’s SMS TextAlerts, not only are you notified of alarms from your home or business, you can also acknowledge, cancel or verify that the Police and/or Guards should be dispatched.


How Does It Work?

If an alarm is triggered, an immediate and simultaneous notification is sent to everyone on your Call List via text message.




  1. When an alarm is triggered, a SMS text message is sent to everyone on your Keyholder list that is set up to received TextAlerts.
  2. There is a link in the Text message that redirects you to a user interface where you can view more details of the alarm.
  3. Users on the call list can dispatch or cancel the alarm – using a secure pin code. If no one responds, ProTELEC’s Emergency Monitoring Center Operator will continue to follow standard protocol. Text notifications do not cancel normal phone call protocol unless a decision has been made before the phone calls begin.
  4. If a user decides to Dispatch, the responding authorities are immediately dispatched. If the alarm is cancelled, ProTELEC’s Emergency Monitoring Center foregoes further notification calls.


  • Immediate and simultaneous notification to everyone on your Call List.
  • Faster decision making to confirm or cancel alarms.
  • Reduces the disruption to your day by enabling you to cancel false alarms without having a phone conversation.
  • No additional cost to you!