Recent technological advances have directly impacted how we protect businesses and how we interact with our customers.

For decades, most alarm security systems were designed only to be reactive. Most commercial security systems function by being triggered when something happens, often too late to prevent damage. For example, when someone breaks-in, an alarm might be triggered by:

  • Opening a door that has an alarm contact on it
  • Walking through an area protected by a motion detector
  • Smashing a window triggering a glass break sensor

Once an alarm is triggered, an Emergency Monitoring Centre will receive an alarm and will call to notify property and business managers that an alarm system has gone off. What they can’t do is confirm what triggered the device; was it a person, an animal or perhaps nothing? Nor can they prevent a break-in and the potential resulting damage or theft from occurring.

With today’s property and business security technology, we take a much more proactive approach. Instead of notifying our customers only after an incident occurs, we provide commercial security systems that consist of “rings of protection”, enabling us to provide a preemptive and proactive response.

    1. The first outer ring protects vulnerable points of entry with smart cameras, two-way audio and video trip lines. An unauthorized person approaching these entry points after business hours will trigger our alarms by crossing our video trip lines and will be greeted by our professionally trained operators through the speakers built into the cameras. Any thoughts of breaking in will quickly vanish once they realize that they are on video, have been identified and guard/police response can be quickly dispatched.
    2. The second ring of protection consists of perimeter security devices such as alarm contacts on all doors and windowsGlass break detectors on all accessible windows are set to trigger should someone try to enter the building, either through a door or window. To control entry into the building, we add access control to key entrance points to track entry by authorized staff.
    3. The third ring of protection includes motion detectors placed at key areas inside any business. We are able to catch intruders entering through roofs and crawl spaces, and quickly identify security breaches throughout the interior of a property.
    4. The final ring of protection includes employee safety products. These protections for personnel include our CheckMate Safe Alone app for working alone, our Elevated Body Temperature Sensor for preventing outbreaks, and discrete duress or hold-up buttons. We also provide monitoring of environmental conditions such as fire, carbon monoxide, low or high temperature, humidity level, water leakage, and AC power failure.

No longer do we have to wait for an actual breach to occur. Our pre-emptive monitoring and response will result in hard dollar savings over the years, preventing physical damage to property that can be caused not only by break-ins or vandalism, but also due to mechanical failures, water leaks or fires.

Preventing Damage with Water Flow Monitoring

The cost of a water leak left for hours can be massive. Many years ago, a customer of ours closed their business for the day and armed the security system at 6pm. The following morning at 4am our Emergency Monitoring Centre received a burglar alarm from a main floor office motion detector.

We dispatched our guard who entered the building and discovered water several inches deep on the floor. The leak had started on the third floor and the motion detector was triggered by water-logged ceiling tiles dropping to the floor in a main level office. This unattended leak cost the property owner over $100,000 in damages.

Now there is a simple solution: a Water Flow Monitoring sensor is installed at the main source of water entry into a building. We monitor the sensing device after hours when the alarm system is on. We calibrate the sensor based on a minimum after-hours water flow and any water flow above that setting triggers our alarm. 

Backed by our highly-trained Monitoring personnel, we are able to create custom notifications and alarm instructions to meet the needs of your unique property. We notify business and property managers immediately, enabling a quick response to an urgent problem even when no one is on site when the leak occurs.

Learn more about our Rings of Protection philosophy, and contact us to learn more about our preventative security and monitoring solutions.